The "Suite Inn" Breakfast

Savoury and nutritious, with seasonal products.

The Suite Inn Breakfast

Get the day off to a good start with the Suite Inn Hotel’s Breakfast for Kings and Queens

We prepare it with absolute care, so that it is tasty and fun

We have fun preparing it to awaken all the senses:

Taste, Sight, Smell and Touch and finally Hearing when our guests are surprised by the spread on their table!

We create individual buffets for each guest with creativity and in respect for the food and safety.

It is the Time of Change

that we all experienced with the 2020 pandemic.

The Suite Inn Hotel’s Breakfast for Kings and Queens 


Because 2020 brought us to a halt and changed us:
from a forced Change to the conscious choice of forsaking the legendary buffet breakfast.

A New World and the New Tourism of the Future…
New gestures and a new commitment to feeling good as a community, in health and social well-being.

This is how the Breakfast for Kings and Queens was born
exquisitely enclosed in a colourful Danish @Uhmm design box

that, together with the glass containers that are our preference, preserves the fragrance and freshness of the foods prepared daily.

Guests choose from the menu with its many ingredients dosed in grammes to make up their

sweet, savoury, or mixed breakfast, based on their preferences, interests and food culture.

We take these choices and make up an individual buffet,

waited on hand and foot, like Kings and Queens!

Discover the advantages of a non-buffet breakfast!

Love, Care, Service 

In a breakfast bursting with well-being by involving guests in the collective act of creating less food and packaging waste.

Local and seasonal products

We keep up to date with all the food trends, both fads and dietary choices!

Every morning you can choose from a rich selection of sweet and savoury products. The juices are made with rigorously Italian seasonal fruits, such as oranges. You can accompany the cold drinks with different types of biscuits, brioches, or fragrant white and brown bread, freshly baked and delivered at dawn by our trusted bakers (yes, they are also women!).

Discover the Friulian honey with an unusual name, made from the pollen of a particular plant that grows along the pebbled shore of the Tagliamento river.

The jams, organic, natural, and local, come from Carnia to guarantee their flavours and authenticity. They also go well with our selected cheeses and cured meats for the more savoury palate.

The fruit displays, cereals and various other surprises based on the season, complete the buffet. Hot drinks are served to you as part of a competition between members of staff as to who can prepare the best and most beautiful cappuccino!


Member of the AIC Circuit of the Italian Coeliac Association

For those with a gluten intolerance

We can also prepare a special breakfast for those who are gluten intolerant, with certified products following the rules and guidelines: the Suite Inn Hotel is recommended and certified by the Italian Coeliac Association.

Breakfast Times

Our buffet is available from 7 am to 10 am but we are flexible.
Breakfast can be specially prepared in case of departures with check out before 7 am.



You can have breakfast in your room upon the request.

Newspapers and magazines are always available in the morning.

For those with a gluten intolerance

The breakfast for kings and queens is also gluten-free. There are many gluten-free and lactose-free ingredients that are already on the daily menu for everyone’s well-being, without distinction.

And then of course there are special surprises and the possibility to have a gluten-free “take away picnic” for those who are continuing their journey or are going on an excursion to places without services from a gluten-free catering point of view.
Travelling with coeliac disease? It is not a troublesome travelling companion at the Suite Inn Hotel: we will manage it together and make it feel normal!

For those travelling with Coeliac disease: visit our entry on for an in-depth analysis of your needs that we are committed to satisfying!