Event Time: 3.11-26.11.17 / Event Location: Friuli Udine Collio Wine Region

Collio wine tasting experience


Have a visit to a family run winery where you can get a great experience tasting delicious wines in the calm of Spring, an underated and beautiful time of year in Friuli.

The growing season for the grapes has just started, the fruit are growing and the cellars smell of delicious new wine while the activity inside the cellars will be plentiful as wines are finishing to ferment and are racked into barrels.

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You will have a lovely sit down wine tasting with a snack of bread, different delicious cheeses & ham.

You will also have the opportunity of purchasing the local wines at favourable prices and to ship wine home.

You will return home with full bellies, a happy heart and great memories from your holiday in Friuli Venezia Giulia.