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In Udine, a hotel with a gluten free breakfast: the Suite Inn!

At the Suite Inn hotel in Udine every guest is special, at breakfast time too! We give all our attention to those guests who take care of their health with a wholesome enjoyable breakfast to start the day! Our breakfast, which is prepared personally, gently awakens the senses. You won’t resist the temptation of our brightly coloured arrangements of fresh fruit and the fruit cocktails made from seasonal fruits. Top up with energy with our citrus fruit squashes and thirst quenching juices, all fresh and made on the spot.

And for those who have food intolerances, breakfast at the Suite Inn hotel is still enjoyable and without having to give up anything!

The Suite Inn hotel has been a member of the Italian Celiac Association since 2011. At the Suite Inn our celiac guests will find a staff that is aware and trained to provide a breakfast service made to measure, from special reserved tables to the use of products selected and certified in accordance with the Italian Celiac Association reference book, because our guests’ enjoyment of their breakfast is something we at the Suite Inn hotel take to heart! The gluten free breakfast menu, which the Suite Inn hotel of Udine has designed for you, includes sweet delicacies, so why not give in to the temptation of our gluten free chocolate, and savouries like the locally produced cooked ham without gluten which will soon be part of our breakfast.

The Suite Inn hotel introduces its region: Friuli… beginning with its breakfast!

The women of the Suite Inn hotel select wholesome, organic and top quality foods for those who like to treat themselves well and you will be embarrassed by the choice. Taste our 100% organic jams made in Friuli! Try our new apple and Sambuco cream, which really is made of apples and elder flowers which grow in Carnia, the southernmost part of Friuli with its clean limpid air which creates the ideal climate for the most delicate crops.
From a bee-keeping concern just a few kilometres to the north of Udine comes our selection of honey. Just 30/40 grams per day of the “nectar of the gods” as the ancients called it – and they knew well how much good it did – are enough for a correct diet. Another feature of the buffet of the Suite Inn hotel is the Amorpha honey, a special local variety from a plant with intense orange and violet coloured flowers which grows along the shoreline of the Tagliamento River, the main watercourse which crosses Friuli from north to south.

Breakfast at the Suite Inn hotel is a rite to be enjoyed, forget about hurrying away and enjoy all of it!

Our cappuccino is irresistible but perhaps you are intolerant to lactose. Don’t worry, you won’t have to give up anything with the special lactose free menu at the Suite Inn Hotel! Don’t miss our special puddings, just try one and see!

To find out more about making informed choices for an increasingly wholesome diet, note down this event in your diary! The Suite Inn hotel of Udine invites you to attend a presentation of the bestseller Mangia che dimagrisci (Eating to slim) by Filippo Ongaro on Wednesday 11 July 2012 at 6 pm. The event takes place in Piazzetta del Lionello, in the heart of Udine, with the cooperation of the Ubik bookshop as a part of the calendar of events Udineestate 2012.

Our breakfast is a delightful moment to enjoy every day! Suite Inn hotel is waiting for you!