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Suite Inn Hotel, your hotel in Udine to discover the heart of the city

The Suite Inn Hotel in Udine is located in a strategic position for reaching the various places of interest nearby.
Shall we start? Let’s leave the car in the car park and take a stroll!
This is the best way to enjoy the city!
The Suite Inn Hotel is situated in the northern part of the old city centre of Udine, near the main buildings of  Udine University which occupies the ancient Palazzo Antonini and the famous Palazzo Florio in via Palladio.
Further on we enter the main road of the city, the historic Via Mercatovecchio which takes us to Palazzo D’Aronco, the Town Hall of Udine, designed by Raimondo D’Aronco, with its much photographed façade overlooking the terreplein of Piazza Libertà. After seeing the Clock Tower and symbols of Venetian rule, we go up to the Castle of Udine while the lazier folk take the shuttle which doesn’t leave you out of breath. Up on the hill we come to the Church of …. Where romantic weddings are held with the blessing of one of Udine’s symbols, the “wind vane” Angel on top of the tall bell tower. The Castle of Udine is home to the Civic Museums and art exhibitions while the splendid Sala del Parlamento is available for medical conferences and congresses.

Udine, itinerary on foot from the Suite Inn Hotel

We have covered a distance of just over 1 km from the Suite Inn Hotel and we are in the open air lounge of Udine, in Piazza Matteotti which for the locals is still known by its previous name of Piazza San Giacomo or Piazza del Mercato Nuovo. The stands which traditionally enlivened the scene adding colour to the market have recently been relocated to Piazza XX Settembre and now the fountain and the little column with the Madonnina at the top overlook the white of the new paving and reflect the beautiful Church of San Giacomo. Around the square you can see tables and bars strategically placed in the sun for people to sit and engage in some daily conversation about life.
It is here and in Via Sarpi that you find the aperitif scene in Udine. If you happen to be passing through Udine in the summer, something worth noting in your agenda is the ‘Mercoledì del Sarpi’ when bars stay open late on Wednesdays with thematic evenings and a chance to taste the food and wine specialities of Friuli.
…And this is where we ‘lose’ our guests, in the nightlife scene of Udine, full of mirth and nice people in one of the typical locales, small restaurants and osterias where the wine is good and the food even better!
Meanwhile “at home” at the Suite Inn Hotel we will wait up for you and the door will be opened with a smile even if it is late, happy to know that you had a good time!

Plan for an evening in the centre of Udine and choose the Suite Inn Hotel!

The museums of Udine
Alongside the Tiepolo Gallery, in the nearby Palazzo Diocesano, which we advise you not to miss in a tour that will surprise you, we suggest you enter the main facility of Udine University, just 5 minutes from the Suite Inn Hotel, housed in the palace, which was once the residence of the Cernazai family, with a well-tended internal garden overlooked by the crowded university lecture halls.

But did you know that the Suite Inn Hotel of Udine…?

If you are on your way to Udine for one of the great music events scheduled every summer in the city, the Friuli Stadium, an object of pride for the businesses of Udine, is about 2 kilometres from the Suite Inn Hotel, and can be reached on foot along the cycle path which then continues to Parco del Cormor, a ‘must’ for jogging enthusiasts and healthy days in the fresh air, with a special route for horse riders along the bridle-way of Cormor Park.
For those who always include shopping in their holidays, the Città Fiera Shop & Play Shopping Centre, the largest in Friuli Venezia Giulia, is about 3 kilometres away from the Suite Inn Hotel just after the Stadium and the Cormor Park. It is always open, even on Sundays!

If your work brings you into contact with the hospital sector, you might like to know that Suite Inn Hotel is situated 500 metres south of the Ospedale Civile Santa Maria della Misericordia which can be reached in about ten minutes walking along a quiet tree-lined residential street which goes from Piazzale Diacono, in front of our hotel, next to the Palamostre, a theatre for the performances of the Euritmica Cultural Association, and the adjoining municipal swimming pool where the outdoor part is open in the summer with a spacious area for relaxing and which is also suitable for toddlers.

Do you have the evening free? Why not think about seeing some art film at the nearby Cinema Visionario, just 5 minutes walk from the Suite Inn Hotel, where hot summer evenings can be spent listening to “aperitif” jazz concerts throughout the summer, starting with a preview in June during UdineJazz!

The Suite Inn Hotel, in the heart of Udine, invites you to a stay where business can be mixed with pleasure! So that your day is not only work!